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Land plot, Busunga, Palawan

Price: 986000 $ Sale

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land plot
Busunga, Palawan, Cheey, Busuanga, Palawan
986000 $ Sale


Titled property in with a area of 10 hectares. It is located in Sitio Minit, Barangay Cheey, Busuanga, Palawan. The road going to the property is currently being concreted.

The property has a long beach front with fine sand. The land itself is flat and dotted with coconut trees. The property surrounds a natural lagoon that is corrected to the sea, and can be used exclusively.

This property is ideal for horizontal or low-rise beach-front condominium or timeshare project. We are looking for a joint venture partner to develop this property into a high-end luxury development.

B. Location in Coron by Road:
1. 1 hour to Busuanga Airport
2. 1.5 hours to the center of town
3. 1.5 hours to the port of Coron
4. 1.5 hours to Fernvale Village
5. 1.5 hours to the boat station (to go to the islands)
6. 1 hour to Calauit Game Preserve
C. Travel by Sea to Coron Municipal Port 14 hours travel time (overnight)
a. Several weekly ferries to Manila
b. Cargo vessels to Manila, Batangas City, Mindoro, PPC, El Nido, Cuyo
c. Daily RORO to San Jose, Mindoro (seasonal)
D. Utilities Available at the Property:
1. Electricity – 24-hours, no load shedding, available in single phase only, no more brownouts
2. Water – The property has its own water source and distribution system inside.
3. Land Phones – None
4. Wireless / Mobile – Smart, Globe, and PLDT wireless landline signal (at & near the beach only)
E. Key Amenities on Busuanga Island:
1. Various small hotels, inns, lodges and resorts
2. 4 banks – BPI, PNB, Metrobank, and Landbank
3. Remittance – LBC, Palawan Pawnshop
4. Couriers – LBC, JRS
5. Medical – Coron Community Hospital, and several medical and dental clinics
6. Public Market, bakeshops, grocery stores, boutiques, souvenir shops, etc
7. Coron Central Terminal (boats, jeepney, boats, tricycles, for-hire vehicles)
8. Coron Municipal Port – with scheduled voyages to Manila, Batangas, Mindoro, PPC, El Nido, etc
9. Land Transport – Busses, jeepneys, tricycles, and tourist vans for hire (Hi-Ace)
10. Public & private preschools, grade schools, high schools & colleges (limited courses)
11. General, hardware & grocery stores, etc
12. Gas stations – Petron (2), shell, Caltex, and small players
13. Churches of different Christian denominations
14. Seminar / function rooms, catering facilities
15. Professional services - attorneys, accountants, doctors, civil and geodetic engineers, etc
D The acquired properties effectively surround a river-like tidal inlet that brings bring seawater into and fresh water out of a protected mangrove area at the landward side of the Property, in accordance to the rise and fall of the tides. We intend to preserve its unspoiled nature.
E This is the beach itself, the actual tidal margin between the maximum high tide and the minimum low tide. We have a pending application for a 25- to 50-year Foreshore Lease in order to preserve the beach.
B. Adjacent lands can be purchased to expand the property.
C. No Liabilities and Encumbrances
1. The property is not mortgaged.
2. There is no adverse ownership claim by other parties.
3. There are no overdue property taxes.
4. There are no tenants or tenancy claims.
5. There are no easement or salvage zones.
D. Land Use Classification - agricultural and coconuts
E. Administration
1. General property administrator for Coron & Busuanga properties who inspects weekly
2. Fulltime caretaker / maintenance person living nearby
3. Extra workers for fencing, clearing, cleaning, etc as needed
F. The small size of each parcel exempts the Property from the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program

A. Topography
1. Circumferential Road traverses the Property in a southeast-to-northwest direction
2. Tidal inlet bisects the Property in a southwest-to-northeast direction
3. Property is flat, with an average elevation of 2 meters above sea level
4. Bounded by the following features:
i. Northeast – beach / seashore
ii. Northwest – private property with houses
iii. Southeast – private property with houses
iv. Southwest – nipa and mangrove wetlands
B. Flora – Mix of coconuts, talisay trees, cashew trees, etc

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